Camino de Acentejo, 66-70

38370 – La Matanza de Acentejo

Tenerife /Islas Canarias

Tel. (0034) 676 55 50 51


28 27 03.84N, 16 27 54.90W

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Please phone me from the airport when you leave it. Thanks.

How to Get

Aeropuerto Sur  –  La Matanza “Faisán Azul”

«How can I get to the lodging?»
Please phone me at the airport when you leave it. Thanks. (0034) 676 55 50 51
In Tenerife, there are two airports, one in the south (Reina Sofia) and one in the north (Los Rodeos). The south airport is about 60 km from the capital city Santa Cruz and about 100 km from the north areas. On arriving at the south airport, you should drive along the motorway TF-1 direction to Santa Cruz. On getting to the point where Santa Maria del Mar is( approx. 53 km after the airport), there are two ways out one after the other:
Way out nº 6 keeps on driving ahead and follow the indication “Aeropuerto Norte “ take this on to the right and cross the bridge following than those signals which read «La Laguna / Aeropuerto Norte» direction La Laguna, motorway nº TF-2. After IKEA you must drive on the left-hand side to change to motorway nº 5. On covering this distance you will be able to see that the ways out are numbered.
When you get the way which goes directly to “Aeropuerto Norte” and La Laguna, TF-5 road (driving always on the motorway), you will pass several towns such as La Laguna, Tacoronte, El Sauzal and then La Matanza de Acentejo with the signal of «Salida /Km23. On this point, you should drive into the road which is in parallel with the motorway ( same direction ), direction to «Teide».You will be able to see a restaurant named «Buena Suerte» Remind that Faisan Azul is on the right side of the motorway TF-5 FAISAN AZUL is after you have been driving for 1 kilometer you should turn to the right (there is a signal which reads «Faisan Azul») following the blue-white signals, passing the restaurant «Casa Juan».
Faisan Azul is situated under the motorway.
Faisan Azul is about 80 km from the south airport. By car, the trip lasts 60 minutes approx.
Note: If you get to the north airport you should perform the same directions but after the town of La Laguna.

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