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In the holiday homes of the Faisan Azul, you can take very beautiful photographs of the garden and the panoramic views towards the surrounding nature. Our garden is very well maintained and has almost daily maintenance. To have it always nice for you to take souvenir photographs during your stay in holiday apartments.
As we are located next to a protected natural areaPaisaje Protejido de Costa Acentejo), which you can visit on foot. This is the ideal place to take pictures of Nature in which it is located, part of the cliffs of the North coast of Tenerife, Teide, etc.
With this page, we want to show the various places we have in our enclosure, as well as the views it offers. The photographs will be improved over time and also put new ones. You can also visit the panoramic photo page to see more pictures.

We also recommend you to rent a car. The car is necessary on our island, to see the places of interest, go shopping, or just to go wherever you want. holiday rentals chalets Tenerife
A car rental agency works with us, they have new cars, excellent treatment, and very good prices.
If you want to visit them, please follow this link.

 photo album faisan azul, photo album faisan azul